Landid Connect Recruiting

Applying a Sales and Marketing Lens to the Talent Acquisition Industry

At Landid, we approach every recruiting engagement like a sales and marketing campaign. From understanding your unique talent needs to executing targeted searches, our recruiters will find the talent you need while treating your candidates like customers.

We recruit full-time employees as well as contractors (who can be on our payroll or yours).

At Landid, we employ highly experienced recruiters who find amazing talent quickly and also share in our philosophy that a personalized candidate experience positively influences employment brands and onboarding effectiveness.

We leverage the teachings from our transition services business to help recruits show up to interviews as the best versions of themselves. In addition, we leverage a variety of AI tools to source talent and gain insights into each recruit's passions and motivations.

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Our Recruiting "Campaign" Approach

Step 1: Discovery

Landid will do a deep dive to understand job specifications, selling points, your unique company attributes and target markets. This enables us to represent your brand effectively in the job market.

Step 2: Go-to-Market Strategy

We identify the recruiting channels needed to find the right talent, use AI technology to gain direct email/cell phone access to candidates and move your prospects efficiently through the talent acquisiton process.

Step 3: Customer Experience

We use a proven customer experience methodology to engage candidates and move them to a signed offer letter.

On-Boarding Support

When the offer is signed, we aren’t finished. Each of our placements/clients will receive a copy of the The First 90 Days, the definitive book on effective onboarding and a must-read for all new hires.

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