Landid Lab Consulting

Customized Talent Solutions

Unlike many consulting organizations who are incented to sell their off-the-shelf content and assign lightly-tenured professionals to work on projects, we believe in building custom products for our clients and use highly-experienced/multi-disciplinary consultants to deliver solutions.

Our highly-experienced team collects quantitative/qualitative data and partners with your internal stakeholders to thoroughly understand your opportunities. From there, our team analyzes your data through a variety of lenses until the right solution is generated. In fact, we have found that an HR solution isn't always the best option.

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Candidate Experience Solutions

Leading hospitality companies focus intensely on the customer experience as they know this is how to attract customers, influence buying decisions and create loyalty. It's a journey with well-orchestrated processes and memorable touch points.

In our opinion, recruiting organizations should steal a page from the customer experience playbook to maximize their effectiveness in the job market. In other words, recruiters should treat their candidates like customers!

Landid formed a team of recruiting and customer experience professionals to develop a candidate experience solution that leverages process, technology and a "personal touch" that moves talent from "interested" to "buying". 

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Employment Brand Consulting

Whether you like it or not, your company has an employment brand, which is your reputation as an employer in the job market. If your employment brand is strong, then it serves as an attractor of talent. If it is negative, the opposite occurs.

Landid combines experienced brand marketers and HR professionals to help organizations...

  • Identify Employment Brands - via brand audits, target audience identification and brand vision/employer value proposition development.
  • Create Communication Strategies - via messaging considerations, communication pillars/channels and marketing calendars.
  • Execute Employment Branding Plans - via a strategic and sequential playbook.
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New Market Entry Solutions

Columbus, OH has become one of the hottest markets for new companies, attracting both start-up and well-established businesses. Entering this market and staffing your operation can be challenging, however, when you are not a known entity.

Landid combines its recruiting, brand marketing and HR expertise to build customized solutions for companies entering Columbus, OH for the first time.

  • Brand Communication - We communicate your company and employment brand through a variety of channels to ensure your company is known as a solid employer.
  • Recruiting - Our recruiters will find your talent quickly, enabling your company to hit the ground running in Columbus.
  • HR Solutions - Our HR professionals can help you with your HR needs at any phase of company maturity. From setting up your HR infrastructure to building talent management strategies, we have the experience to help your talent thrive.
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