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Ready, Set, Pause: 5 Steps to Take Before Launching Your Job Search

Ready, Set, Pause: 5 Steps to Take Before Launching Your Job Search

On the heels of a job loss, the initial reaction for many professionals is to activate their job search immediately. In this blog, we discuss why hitting the pause button is the best long-term job search strategy. Abraham Lincoln once said, “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four hours sharpening the axe.”  When you commit to a job search – whether you reached that point voluntarily or not – remember honest Abe’s remark. When a job search is needed, particularly if you unexpectedly lose your position, there is a strong compulsion to apply for jobs...

Do I Really Want to Leave My Job? Going from “Just talk” to “Commitment”

Do I Really Want to Leave My Job? Going from “Just talk” to “Commitment”

The best predictor of an employee leaving his/her job is making the decision to move on. While this seems intuitive, the gap between thinking about leaving and committing to it is enormous. Here is a universal truism: Everyone complains about work. As career and job search coaches, much of our day involves talking with unhappy employees.  We wish we had a tall, cool one for every time we’ve heard one of the following remarks: “My boss doesn’t realize how good of a job I’m doing.” “There is no upward mobility in my company.” “The culture here is toxic.” “My job is making me physically...

Keeping the Home Fires Burning After a Job Loss

Keeping a positive outlook is key to executing an effective job search and having a strong and supportive home front is the first step in keeping your head on straight following a job loss. Being unemployed may be a devastating experience.  It is not uncommon for an individual to suffer from depression, anxiety, nervousness, and insomnia.  One immediately worries about personal finances: “How will I pay my mortgage?; “How will I provide for my family?”; “How will I pay my bills?”  These, of course, are not unimportant or exaggerated concerns. Furthermore, being out of a job may have...

The Secret Sauce of Networking – It’s Not About You

Dale Carnegie once said, "talk to someone about themselves and they'll listen for hours".  This is the best approach to build your network and engage in meaningful discussions. I frequently speak with clients who are apprehensive to build their networks during a job search because they feel that they are using others.  In a “give and take” society, these feelings are completely understandable.  To solve this dilemma, look no further than “How to Win Friends and Influence People”, one of the most popular human psychology books ever written.  Dale Carnegie’s sage advice gives you the answer...

What if Employers Treated Their Job Candidates Like Customers?

Recruiting teams should look to the hospitality industry and their customer experience teams as a benchmark for job candidate treatment.

When recruiting firms and HR departments identify a potential job applicant they engage in a rigorous evaluation process.  What may not be as obvious is that evaluation occurs in both directions.  The job prospect is also making an evaluation.  He or she is judging the competence, integrity, candor, and courtesy of the recruiter.  How a job prospect is treated is a direct reflection of the quality, values, and professionalism of the recruiter and the organization that hired them.

Ode to Perseverance

Staying mentally strong during your job search is foundational to your success.

Applying for a job is often demanding. requiring time, energy, and patience throughout the process.  At times you will be convinced that you will never earn another paycheck for the rest of your life.  Your ego will feel like it has been sacked by an NFL tight end. Your spirits will fall like you have been pummeled by a wrecking ball.  You will experience all the energy of a dead battery. You will be tempted to conclude that there must be something terribly wrong with you or your professional background; maybe you should search immediately for a prime spot under the nearest bridge.  It is easy to fall into a world-class funk.

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