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Did you know that the employee experience continues after team members have been exited from your organization? It’s true, and the treatment they receive during their transition can have a profound impact on your employment brand.

At Landid, we recognize that your out-going employees deserve a personalized, empathetic, and high-touch experience that helps them bring their unique identities to the job market. We teach our clients an innovative and effective job search approach that mimics the launch of a new product into the marketplace. In fact, our “job search campaigns” are rooted in product management methodologies borrowed from leading product companies.

Your valued employees can expect to experience the following with our team:

Positive Mindset

Step 1: We help our clients mentally get back on their feet and regain a positive mindset (if needed).

role identification

Step 2: We identify client target roles, what relevant hiring managers value in candidates, and the unique strengths they possess that will differentiate them from competitors.

custom resume linkedin

Step 3: We build clients a customized resume and LinkedIn profile (AKA their “marketing assets”) that convey their uniqueness to target audiences.

job search campaign

Step 4: We assist clients in crafting and executing job search campaigns that reach the right recruiters and hiring managers.

interview preparation

Step 5: We prepare clients to communicate their uniqueness during interviews and close the deal!

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