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Crystal Knows

As a job seeker, have you ever wanted to know about the personalities of interviewers in advance? Are you curious about how they like to be engaged and receive information?

As a recruiter, wouldn’t it benefit your efforts if you knew how each of your prospects “ticked” so that you can connect with them instantly and “meet them where they are”?

Look no further, Crystal Knows is here. When downloaded, this ingenious app connects to LinkedIn and enables users to see personality types, communication preferences and influencing strategies for any person they pull up in a LinkedIn search. How is this possible? Well, the app searches the social media footprint of LinkedIn users, combines it with a little machine learning, and presto! a detailed and accurate DISC report is created in real time.

Landid is an authorized distributor of the tool. Click here to learn more.

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Seamless AI

Give your recruiting team a decisive advantage in the war for talent with Seamless AI. This application integrates directly with LinkedIn and provides your recruiters with email addresses and phone numbers of target candidates. Now your recruiting team can have a direct line of communication to candidates - many of whom are passive and not paying attention to your communications through LinkedIn Inmail. 

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CVENT Candidate Experience App

Recruiting leaders, do you want a tool that will help manage on-site interviews, but also differentiate you from other employers in the eyes of job candidates. Landid has collaborated with CVent to bring you an app that maximizes the candidate experience.

When candidates download the app, they will see a menu customized for their interviews.  Travel logistics, agendas, profiles of interviewers, and city information are just a few things that can be personalized for the candidate. Recruiting teams can also capture real-time experience data from candidates directly through the app. Finally, the app can be branded for your organization, which further professionalizes the experience.

Landid is an authorized distributor of this tool and will help you configure it for candidates and train your teams to administer it themselves. Click here to learn more.

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Does your recruiting process include proctored assessments? Do your candidates have to take time out of their days to travel to a testing center to complete these assessments? Do you wish you had a solution that would allow candidates to test in their homes, while avoiding the costs associated with brick-and-mortar testing facilities?

If you answered "yes" to these questions, then Rosalyn is the solution for you. Rosalyn is an AI-enabled proctoring, assessment and certification tool that uses a candidate's personal device camera to detect cheating by monitoring eye and facial movements.

Landid is a distributor of Rosalyn, reach out to us fo a demonstration.

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