Transition Services

An Industry-Changing Model

Our model provides employers with maximum flexibility in funding transition services for their displaced employees. Employees have the freedom to allocate funds only for services that they need. In the end, unused funds are returned to the employer. Everyone wins.


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We Address the Psychology of Job Loss Head-on

The loss of a job is one of life's most difficult transitions. It is critical to address the psychological effects of job loss before teaching practical job search strategies.

Landid uses experts who specialize in the psychology of transition to help displaced employees deal with the mental and emotional impact of job loss.

We provide actionable strategies individuals can take to keep a positive mindset during the job search process.


We Treat the Job Search Like the Launch of an Exciting New Product

Landid collaborated with Fortune 100 product marketing leaders to develop a powerful approach to job search that mimics the launch of a new product into the marketplace. This is the most effective approach to job search on the market today.

We Build Resumes and LinkedIn Profiles for our Candidates

Designing high-impact resumes and LinkedIn profiles is difficult for many people. In the end, it is challenging to write persuasively about oneself. At Landid, we take this burden away from our candidates and turn it over to our expert resume and LinkedIn profile designers. Our team will build resumes and LinkedIn profiles that are targeted, creative and bring professional brands to life.


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We Use Coaches Who Meet Our Candidates Where They Are

Landid has a network of professional coaches who serve the specific needs of our candidates by providing one-on-one support in the following areas:

  • Job Search/Interviewing
  • Career Path Exploration
  • Wellness
  • Corporation to Entrepreneurship Transition

Our coaches also facilitate bi-weekly meet-ups, both live and virtually, that bring together program participants to give each other support and hold one another accountable for job search progress.

We Provide Monthly Reporting

Services Used - We communicate which services each employee used during the month and when.

Bank Balance - We show how much money has been spent on services and how much remains in the bank.

Time to Find a New Role - We track how long it takes for your former employees to complete the offboarding process and land in new roles. 


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