State of the Job Market – Week of 05/18/20

In this week’s State of the Job Market, Dave Mirgon chats with Matt Johnson of ResourceMFG, Nicole Buck of ProLogistix, Robb Christenson of Peerless Search Partners and Dennis Kaps of Ferrara about the surge in manufacturing hiring and what agency recruiters are saying about the surprise in hiring overall.

Recruiting Life Cycle as a Result of COVID-19 Pandemic

Landid co-founder Dave Mirgon was joined by Abby Zimmerman, AVP, Talent Acquisition at Safelite; Marlene Lesko, Director, Talent at Batelle; Jim McGannon, SVP, Human Resources at Sarnova; and David Medwid, Director of Human Operations at Olive to discuss how companies see the recruiting life cycle staying the same, evolving or changing altogether as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

State of the Job Market – Week of 04/27/20

Grace Schmitt and Chris Sena give a job market update for the week of 4/27. Topics discussed include round two of the PPP program for small businesses, the re-opening of the economy and it’s impact on employment and national recruiting activity.