Storytelling During Interviews

Human beings are wired to respond favorably to stories. It’s innate in all of us. Chris Sena (Landid Partner) and Kimberly Minor (CEO/CMO, Bumbershoot) discuss the importance of storytelling during interviews (vs. using the traditional STAR format) and how to be prepared to answer the three most commonly asked questions.

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State of the Job Market – Week of 05/18/20

In this week’s State of the Job Market, Dave Mirgon chats with Matt Johnson of ResourceMFG, Nicole Buck of ProLogistix, Robb Christenson of Peerless Search Partners and Dennis Kaps of Ferrara about the surge in manufacturing hiring and what agency recruiters are saying about the surprise in hiring overall.

State of the Job Market – Week of 05/04/20

State of the Job Market – Week of 05/04/20

Chris Sena, Dave Mirgon, Grace Schmitt, and Don Kaufman explore the state of the job market during the week of May 4th. This week, the Landid team shares advice for individuals preparing to return to work after the pandemic.

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