The Power of Positive Thinking During Your Job Search

Your mind and its influence on material reality should not be overlooked. Your thoughts can and do manifest themselves in reality. Use this to your advantage during the job search process.

Norman Vincent Peale, philosopher and theological, coined the phrase, “The power of positive thinking,” 75 years ago.  It is as applicable now as it was then.  Have you ever noticed how positive people seem to have all the luck?  How is it that they just stumble into great business opportunities, find the best jobs, land affluent accounts, and have a large circle of friends.  Obviously, we are not talking about luck or positive mojo or kissing the Blarney stone.  We are talking about attitude.

A fundamental difference between successful people and “also-rans” is how they look at and react to themselves and the world around them.  Positive attitudes and thoughts manifest themselves in an individual’s self-image, self-awareness, confidence, achievements, and authenticity.  Positive thinkers do not see the glass as half full; they see the glass as overflowing.

You can take control of your job search by first becoming aware of your thoughts.  Looking for new employment is often a bummer.  No one likes to be rejected, yet every time you send off a resume, you are courting rejection.  During your job search, you may feel inadequate, underappreciated, star-crossed.  It is in the nature of the beast.  Your internal voice may cause you to awfulize or catastrophize the future: “I’ll never find a job”; “I’ll live in a cardboard box under a bridge”; “I’ll eat from a garbage can.”  Yet, when you take your negative attitudes to their logical conclusion, you will see the foolishness of your fears.

Give your inner voice a new melody. Instead of dwelling on your fears, be convinced that the best, not the worst, is going to happen.  Replace, “I’ll have to take a step back,” with “I’m going to find the right opportunity and be paid what I’m worth.”  Change, “I’m never going to find a job” to “I will find an outstanding job.  It’s just a matter of time.”  Approach the rollercoaster ride in a positive, confident manner.  A helpful exercise is reflecting on all of the things you have done right, all your successes, that made you the valuable, talented individual you have become.  And do not forget the value of self-irony. Don’t take yourself and everything around you too seriously.  Be able to look in the mirror and laugh.

We have stressed the effects of positive thinking on your job search, but let’s also state the obvious: positive thinking enhances your entire life.  Science has demonstrated that your mental, emotional, and physical health improve markedly with positive thinking.  Thoughts become our reality.  Researchers such as Robert Rosenthal have proven experimentally that the way you think about yourself produces real-world outcomes, which can be positive or negative.  Think well of yourself and you will live longer and better.

The motivational speaker, Zig Zigler, made a compelling remark years ago that holds especially true today: “Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude.”

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