• The Job Market Done Differently

We are an innovative team dedicated to bringing job-seeking professionals and employers together by marketing their unique identities in the job market.

Landid Transition Services

When professionals find themselves in career transition, due to layoffs or other reasons, it's nice to have a partner who can help individuals find their next roles quickly by providing a customized menu of services with a flexible pricing model.

First and foremost, we spend time helping our clients build a positive mindset, as it is a prerequisite to executing an effective job search. We then teach our participants to manage their job searches in the same way marketers bring new products to market. Finally, we have resume/LinkedIn designers, coaches and online training content to support job searches.

Landid offers a unique model which enables employers to establish a "bank" - of any amount - for their displaced employees. Employees then choose the services they need most and unused funds are returned to the employer.


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Landid Connect Recruiting

At Landid, we treat recruiting as a sales and marketing exercise. We also employ highly experienced recruiters who find top-tier talent quickly while simultaneously delivering an exceptional candidate experience. Our goal is to deliver great talent to our organizations while boosting their employment brands in the job market.

Landid performs searches for full-time employees as well as contractors.

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Landid Lab Consulting

The Landid Lab is where our multi-disciplinary team develops powerful talent solutions for employers wanting to boost their effectiveness in the job market. From our point of view, the job market exists both outside and within organizations, and they are equally important. 

Our clients should not expect generic off-the-shelf ideas presented by inexperienced consultants who haven’t worked a day on the front-lines of businesses. On the contrary, we leverage our network of highly-experienced and specialized independent business consultants who come together as a unified solution-generating unit.

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Landid Tech

Landid has partnered with some of the most innovative technology start-ups to leverage their AI solutions within the job market and organizations. We are constantly scouring tech-centric markets to find new tools that will personalize candidate and employee experiences, while advantaging our clients. 

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